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im happy in my mental health
these conversations with myself
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11th-Jan-2010 06:06 pm - When It All Comes Down [Demi/Selena]
Title; When It All Comes Down
Pairing; Demi/Selena
Rating; G
Summary; 'I'll hold your hand if you hold mine, when it all comes down.'

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22nd-Jul-2009 07:32 pm - Suspicions And Kisses

Shelby had her suspicions about many things. She suspected some guys were jerks, and she suspected some of her friends had dark secrets. Most of all she suspected that Shae was absolutely in love with Sophia, and she was sure that no steps had been taken to make Sophia aware of this. Shelby knew that Shae would give her life for Sophia, but would never tell the young woman without the proper subtle and insistent pushing to do so.

Kate wondered if it drove Shae insane. She had to sit and stare at Sophia, pretending to be a best friend when all she wanted to do was hold her. While the other band members had their thoughts and ideas about Shae and how she.. swung.. Kate knew that the only person on the planet that the eighteen year old had eyes for was the long-haired bass player. The late night talks that the two had almost every single night were some of the most heartfelt moments. Shae only cried in front of Kate, and it killed her that Sophia was so blind.

Katie and Sophia talked. They had a bond. But even despite that bond there was something that Sophia kept hidden deep down. She had no idea what it was and she was scared to push her fragile friend too far. She didn't want to send her over the edge that she had worked so hard to pull her back from not long ago. Emotionally unstable was what the world would refer to Sophia as, but to Katie. she was just Sophia.

Sophia needed to grow a backbone and come to grips with her heart. She couldn't just play on the outside and pretend like what she felt for Shae was just a silly little crush. Every single time their eyes met, something in her sparked, and she could tell it happened with Shae as well. She needed to grow a backbone.

1:38 on the morning of July 23rd. Shae will always remember the exact time and date that Sophia walked up to her in the almost empty hotel lobby and kissed her. It was the most passionate and intimate moment in her life thus far and she was thrilled that it was Sophia. The kiss told her everything she needed to know. They were forever.

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22nd-Jul-2009 01:13 pm - Just Say Yes (Demi/Selena)

Selena grumbled as the blankets were pulled from her bed. "Mom! I was gonna be up in five minutes! Geez, I can't even sleep in on my freaking birthday," she mumbled, groping around for the blankets.

"Fine then. Don't wake up and get your birthday kiss," a voice said. It took Selena a second to register who was standing next to her bed before she jumped up, throwing her arms around Demi.

"What are you doing here?!" she asked, a smile stretching across her face.

"I am taking you to Kansas City to spend the day with me," she replied, placing a soft kiss on her girlfriends mouth. "I've missed you so much. I really don't like this whole going on tour and you having your own life. Why can't you just quit your life and come with me forever?"

"Don't tempt me. I might," she whispered, holding Demi close. "How long do you have me for?"

She could feel Demi frown. "Just tonight."

"Then let's make it the best night ever," she mumbled, reluctantly backing away.

Demi smiled. "I have a suprise for you when we get back to my hotel."


Selena giggled as Demi kept a hand over her eyes as the sixteen year old led the way to her hotel room. "I know this seems like a slightly inconvienent measure, I just have to keep some form of secrecy." She stopped walking, unlocked the door and held Selena close as they entered the room. She slowly pulled her hand away and watched Selena's eyes rake the room.

There were yellow, red and white roses scattered around the room, a jar of pickles and bags of popcorn on the table by the tv and there was a small box in the middle of the bed. Demi pushed Selena towards the box and stood at a distance as she opened it. "Dem..."

"Just say yes," Demi whispered, her arms encircling Selena's waist.

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12th-Jul-2009 02:25 pm - Storm; Shae/Kate [KSM]
Shae loved thunderstorms.

There was a certain power about them. The way the thunder rumbled across the sky. The way the lightning lit up a dark hotel room. On a good day, she would fall asleep almost instantly just from listening to the steady drum of the rain. On a bad day, she would lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about anything that entered her mind.

It only took that one room-shaking blast of thunder for Kate to find her way into bed with her, curling up close, hiding her eyes by pressing her face into Shae's neck. Her arms would slide around Shae's waist, and Shae would hold onto her protectively. That was when the world just felt right.


Shae loved thunderstorms.
10th-Jun-2009 12:02 pm - Semi; Robots In Disguise?
Demi rested her head on the pillow, her fingers intertwining with Selena's. "Do you remember our conversation from a couple days ago?" she whispered.


"Well, I decided that our first two sons will be named Alexander Optimus and Jacyn Prime."

Selena was quiet for almost three minutes before she sat up. "Saywha?"


"We are not naming our kids after a Transformer!"

"Fine then.. Alexander Spock and Jacyn Kirk."


"Alexander Solo and Jacyn Skywalker?"



"Dem.. seriously.."

"I really like Alexander Optimus and Jacyn Prime. Think about it.. no one would ever mess with them on the playground. Would you mess with two kids named after the greatest Transformer ever?!"

Sighing, Selena laid back down. "What if we have girls?"

Demi was thoughtful for a moment. "Alexandria Optimus and Jaina Prime."

In the dark room, Selena's palm smacking her own forehead produced an audible popping noise. "You. Are. Hopeless."

"But you love me anyways," she replied, holding Selena's hand again.

"Yeah. I do."
8th-Mar-2009 04:55 pm - FIC; Broken Strings
6000 and something words

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23rd-Feb-2009 03:08 pm(no subject)
Just a little teaser of my newest adventure.


"Come on, it will be fun!" Selena said, holding Demi's hand tightly.

"Selena, I don't want to do this.. not only does it sound the exact opposite of fun, but last time I checked, breaking into a state owned abandoned building is illegal. I just spent two weeks trying to get out of a fully functional mental hospital.. what in the hell makes you think I would willingly break into an abandoned, and supposedly haunted, one?" Demi snapped, trying hard to stop the momentum of her girlfriend pulling her across the moonlit grounds.

Selena finally stopped, turning to wrap her arms around Demi's waist. "Look, I know that you have been through hell, and I can promise you this place is not haunted. I've been here plenty of times with people.. there is nothing to be scared of. It is just the ruins of an old run-down mental hospital. You need a break. Last time I checked, you were in that hospital because you took everything so seriously, you let it get to you."

Demi sighed, worming her way out of Selena's arms. The two of them moved silently across the freshly cut grass, Demi's flashlight beam boucning over square stones set into the ground, each marked with a number. "Are we in a cemetary?"

"This is where the would bury the patients who died. It's tragic, on a level, that maybe at one point, these people were loved.. but then they were cast aside.. abandoned by those who loved them and now exsist only as a number carved into a rock."

Demi stopped, the beam now hitting Selena's face. "Why are we here?"

Selena smiled, looking out over the field, the outline of the few remaining buildings on the horizon. "You are lucky, Demi, because at the end of two weeks, you got to walk out of that hospital and rejoin the real world.. the people you love. These people, they were either condemed as mentally insane, or they were deathly ill, unable to see their loved ones. I just think sometimes you need things put into perspective," she said, walking off.

Demi watched her go, her flashlight casting an eerie glow as it bounced away. She took a step to follow her, stopping in her tracks as a cold breeze blew in the August night, causing her heart to freeze for the brief second it took for the breeze to pass and the heat of a Michigan summer to return.

14th-Feb-2009 02:37 pm - FIC; Forever

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